[PODCAST] The Finnovate Show: How Quantum Computing will revolutionize your business

Meta IT
September 23, 2021

Podcast: Quantum computing and its impacts

Among many transformations that business and technology face, one promises to change the way business works. Quantum computing is evolving, and soon information and operations will perform smarter and at a faster pace.

In this podcast, Simone Lettieri, CDO of Meta IT, talks with Gerry Purcell, host of The Finnovate Show. The subject is Quantum computing: what it is and what it isn’t, how leaders should prepare themselves, and how enterprises are already investing in it. Simone Lettieri endorses the power of Quantum computing and highlights its impacts on the revolution of financial services, investments, and AI (artificial intelligence).

The race for organizations to prepare themselves has already started. Those already investing in Quantum computing have a good advantage over their competitors. Furthermore, the professionals also need to be aware and prepared to be part of this transformation.

Check out the full episode of The Finnovate Show with Simone Lettieri about Quantum computing

Check out the full episode below and immerse yourself in the universe of Quantum computing.

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