Why commitments are the core of Meta’s technology solutions

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January 22, 2021

Why commitments are the core of Meta’s technology solutions.

Thirty years ago, Telmo Costa had a crucial decision to make. 

Would he stay with the company he worked for after it failed to deliver on a project – and a promise – for a client? Or would he take on the work himself, on his own time, and get it done right?

For Costa, it was an opportunity. He completed the project, he kept his word, he impressed the client… and it led him to found our company Meta IT, a digital consulting and software company that started in Brazil and grew to the United States and most recently Canada, to help North American companies – and their people – grow further than ever before.

But why take that leap? “He decided to finish the project because he believes that customer commitment is the most critical thing that a company should keep in mind,” says Marcos Coelho Machado, Meta’s International Business Director who manages the Canadian team. “If you need to use one word to describe Telmo, it’s ‘commitment.’”

And even as Meta enters its third decade and third country, with over 350 corporate customers around the globe, that core value of commitment continues to drive who we are and what we do… and keeps happy customers returning for more.

A fully customized approach to technology

Meta’s Canadian operations in Kitchener, Ont. may be a year old, but we’re steeped in the company’s history and backed by strong local and nearshore talent. In other words, we’re no strangers to what we do best: software development, staff augmentation, SAP implementation and AMS support. 

Don’t get us wrong – as a software developer, Meta doesn’t just deliver one kind of software. We do it all, says Machado, whether it’s an app for a startup or a large-scale virtual reality roll-out for a major industry player. “We customize the solution for each customer. What do you need? What is your problem?”, says Machado. “Our team then draws up a solution, validates with the customer, and develops it.”

Meta’s unique staff augmentation solution

For companies looking to bring on expert staff for a specific project or expand their existing teams, Meta offers staff augmentation. Tapping into our database of over 90,000 professionals that range in experience and backgrounds from developers to CTOs, we pair clients with talent that matches their needs, integrates seamlessly into their workflow, all while managing the administrative overhead. Think of it like building a tech dream team without all the hassle of traditional full- or part-time hiring. 

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Meta helps with large-scale digital implementations, too. For 20 years, we’ve been an SAP partner, meaning we have the in-house expertise to help businesses plan and roll out SAP initiatives and projects in the most agile, efficient and effective way we know-how – and that each client benefits from the knowledge we’ve gained working on international projects of all shapes and sizes.

And Meta’s work isn’t over when an app or project launches. With AMS support, we keep the motor running behind-the-scenes, pairing our expertise with smart automation to provide ongoing maintenance, manage processes, and solve incidents to make sure systems are running at full functionality. Our clients can rest easy knowing that work’s taken care of, and focus on the priorities and tasks that matter most to their business.

But here’s Meta’s claim to fame: all of our solutions are tailored for our clients’ businesses, says Machado. 

“We help any client who needs technology. It doesn’t matter what their sector, size or budget is,” he adds. “Meta is a company that works from our customers’ perspectives. We help them create value for their business through technology.”

Marcos Coelho Machado, Meta’s International Business Director

Marcos Coelho Machado, Meta’s International Business Director:
“We work from our customers’ perspectives. We help them create value for their business through technology.

Loved by clients the world over

The reason Meta helps customers across sectors, sizes and budgets? It’s because IT isn’t just a nice-to-have function or something reserved for just the biggest players in key industries. “Now, it’s evident that IT is necessary for every company,” says Machado, whether you’re in technology, finance, automotive, retail, agribusiness, food and beverage, service or entertainment. 

That goes for startups planning to scale with technology as much as it does for multi-national businesses that want to gain an innovative edge, simplify their processes and reduce costs.

That story’s told through our portfolio, which includes names like John Deere, Prudential Financial, and Easypaper. 

Meta’s technology solutions all over the globe

We’ve helped a large Brazilian bank become the first in the country to offer an entirely digital portfolio of services, from opening an account to managing your finances. As a result, they were able to transition from brick-and-mortar offices and agencies into a fully digital operation – a transformation that might have taken months or even years going through existing processes, but that we were able to successfully complete and implement in just 45 days.

And we’ve helped one of Canada’s biggest entertainment brands that was looking for IT support could keep quality high while reducing costs during seasonal fluctuations for specific projects on their docket. It started with one professional we placed with them, a number that grew over time. In fact, “the company’s feedback is very positive; they are happy with the high quality of our professionals so much that they increased the number of projects with us,” says Machado. “Today, we are working with 15 professionals dedicated to their projects.” 

After all, there’s a reason that clients keep coming back at a rate of 80 percent: “When we commit to our customers and work with them for a long time, we connect with their strategy, with their technology and with their people” he adds. “It’s the best way we can help them grow.”

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Meta’s technology solutions: commitment makes a difference

Meta knows a thing or two about growth. Not just its own, from the early days when Costa made his commitment to fulfill a promise to a customer to today, when Meta grew its own revenue by 50 percent and increased its employees to 1,700 from 1,050 over the past year alone. 

That’s the kind of growth they’re committed to helping their clients achieve, says Machado. 

“We are never satisfied with the status quo; there is always room for improvement within ourselves and our clients,” he shares. “Our team works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions because when our clients grow, we grow together.”

Let’s grow together! Contact us and find out how Meta can help your business reach your next big goal.

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