From first call to finished product: how staff augmentation works

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January 22, 2021

What do going to the doctor and finding staff augmentation for your IT operations share in common?

In both, success is all about diagnosing the root of the problem and providing the correct solution to fix it, says Meta IT Sales Executive Benito Rossiti. “We’re both looking for symptoms. We’re looking for the pains that you’re expressing, we’re figuring out your needs, and we’re presenting solutions to those pains.”

In fact, that kind of approach is what makes Meta’s prescription for staff augmentation so unique and personalized – it’s the way we invest our time into understanding the needs at the root of our clients’ problems, whether it’s a project that’s short on resources, a specific skillset missing from their team, a way to save on costs or simply scale their workforce as they grow. 

“We go through a very customized process to really understand the customers and bring the best staff in front of them,” Rossiti explains.

Whether you’re looking for a developer or a CTO, here’s how it works, from first call to finished project (and beyond).

Finding the right fit

When it comes to staff augmentation – the practice of bringing on temporary or permanent professionals, experts and specialists to help your company complete a project or reach a business objective – finding the right professional for the job requires much more than a phone call or an email requesting a person with a specific amount of experience at a specific rate, says Rossiti.

That’s why he and his team invest their time upfront getting to know every client that calls. Not only does it make it more likely that our clients are happy with the professionals we deliver, but also that we can deliver the right talent, quickly, so they can get up and running fast.

“We really try to understand the need, and even if staff augmentation is the best solution or not,” he says. “Maybe they’re asking for developers and there are other services that we could we could offer instead, that might be better for the customer.”

In cases where staff augmentation is the right fit, Meta doesn’t stop there. After all, we’re committed to finding not just the right solution but also the right professional for the job. 


Benito Rossiti, Meta's Sales Executive, staff augmentation expert

Benito Rossito, Meta’s Sales Executive:
“We have an easier way to find the right talent, the hard-to-find unicorns, so our customers can focus on running their operations.”


Selecting the best professional

With a database of more than 90,000 professionals, Meta has both range and depth in the kinds of expertise we connect with our clients – and we get the ball rolling quickly. 

That’s why our next step is creating a job description with our clients that outlines, in detail, the kind of talent they need, from the technical knowledge required to the soft skills that spell success for their team. 

That job description helps us find the right match across knowledge, experience and even attitude, says Rossiti. “They go through a triage process in Meta,” he says. “We look at their behavioural aspects, their technical aspects, their work history, check their references and so on – all before we present the candidate to a customer.”

Leandro Corrêa, an Account Executive with Meta, agrees. “We’re also concerned about profiles and soft skills,” he adds. “So, even though a client comes to us with a technical requirement, we always try to understand who will fit better with the client, their team and their culture.”

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Making the introduction

With a selection of top candidates ready to go, it doesn’t take long before Meta can start lining up interviews between our professionals and our clients – in some cases, that process only takes a week, says Corrêa.

And because we’ve done our legwork, often those professionals are the right picks, right off the bat, adds Rossiti. “Once our clients get a candidate in front of them, there’s a high probability that that person could fit their needs.”

Not only do we help our professionals and clients prepare for the interview and coordinate the set-up, but we also often sit in on the meeting as well depending on what’s requested. “Usually, we’re just listening in, but we’re always available to sit in the background in case there’s any need for translation on-the-spot,” Rossiti says.

And we stay by our clients after they make their pick, continuing to help by managing the contracts – along with the work that comes after. 

Managing the work

In fact, what comes next makes Meta stand out from others offering staff augmentation services: “Once we sign a contract, we become responsible for managing the professional on a daily basis,” says Rossiti, “which is different from what others on the market do.”

So while Meta’s clients direct the day-to-day tasks they’d like each specialist to work on and manage the project itself, we’re working in the background as that person’s manager, he adds. “So we make sure they clock all the hours they’re working. They tell me if they have any issues we can help with. Everything aside from the technical work is our responsibility.”

That includes the support our professionals receive in building their technical knowledge and gaining new skills too – it’s one of the reasons we offer learning opportunities and sponsor continued education throughout their time with us. 

And with 1,700 employees working at Meta itself, our specialists have a deep well of additional resources to tap into should they need anything else to make the project they’re working on a success. 

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Set for future success

When the project comes to an end, so does the contract – but for clients who want to extend their time with our specialists, or who are ready to use our services again, it comes with a bit of a bonus, says Corrêa.

“Once a client has been with us once, it’s easier for us to select a new person because we already know them,” he says. “We know their environment, we know their culture, and we can even leverage the resources that are always working with them to evaluate the next candidate even better than before.”

Where can staff augmentation take your team? The answer’s just a click or call away!

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