Meet your perfect match through staff augmentation that works

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January 22, 2021

Meet your perfect match through staff augmentation that works.

It’s a race against the deadline. You’re developing an important project for your business, and it’s been a particularly complex and technical challenge every step of the way. But as you near that target date for the final product – the date you promised you’d hit – your team falls behind. 

If you could augment your staff, you’d be able to make up that lost ground and deliver on time, you think to yourself. But where will you find someone with the right skill set and drive, on short notice? 

When Sales Executive Benito Rossiti joined the Meta IT sales team, his first customer – a leading technology company – came to him with exactly this problem. “They needed additional resources, specifically developers with knowledge in the iPad environment,” he recalls. And with their help, “they were able to interview a qualified person the next day, and less than a week later he was working for them.”

The project ended up launching on time, but that’s not all. “They’ve even extended his contract to do some debugging activities after the project went live,” he adds.

It’s stories like this that put a smile on the faces of Rossiti and Account Executive Leandro Corrêa. Not just because they’ve helped a client solve a problem and hit a deadline through staff augmentation, one of the services Meta offers in North America, but also because they were able to make the perfect match that benefits everyone – the client, Meta and the professionals we place.

Building a dream team with staff augmentation

Meta may provide a number of services ranging from software development to SAP implementation, but core to their value of advancing human growth is staff augmentation.

In a nutshell, staff augmentation is the practice of bringing in qualified specialists to help companies bolster existing teams and deliver on their targets, whether it’s for a specific project or a longer-term initiative. With 90,000 professionals in our database, Meta pinpoints the most ideal candidates for the job, facilitates the interview process and takes care of the administrative people management that happens behind-the-scenes. 

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Staff Augmentation that works: a helping hand to triumph over your business challenges

As a core offering at Meta, staff augmentation has helped clients overcome many challenges, say Rossiti and Corrêa. “Sometimes, a client has a need that’s only temporary and they’re looking for someone to cover just for a certain amount of time,” says Corrêa. “Sometimes a client’s looking for people with different skills that they don’t have access to.” It’s also a great way to scale up and down as projects come and go and business grows. 

Filling in skill gaps is a big reason companies choose to augment their staff, adds Rossiti. “Sometimes, resources are really hard to find. You need people with very specialized skills and specific experiences in certain types of projects,” he says. “We have an easier way to find these people, these hard-to-find unicorns, so our customers can focus on running their operations.”

Bringing on nearshore help – people in nearby countries or countries that share a similar time zone, like Brazil – is a benefit for both cost and quality, too, says Corrêa. That’s an important consideration when budgets are limited but the targets are ambitious. “We can be an option to keep projects viable because the cost of talent is lower and we can follow your business’ working hours.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean clients have to sacrifice quality or work with someone who simply meets a deadline and nothing more. Quite the opposite, he says: “Our professionals outstand from others I’ve met in the market in their skills, experience, passion and maturity. I can tell you, we have something really different and really special.”

Leandro Corrêa, Meta's Account Executive, staff augmentation expert

Leandro Corrêa, Meta’s Account Executive:
“We help our clients to find professionals with very specific skills.”

Great results powered by great people

The key to Meta’s strong pool of candidates? It’s not just about finding the right talent; it’s about building the right talent too, says Corrêa. That’s why we’ve committed to providing programs designed to help our professionals and specialists create a career path and develop themselves in their fields. 

Internally, we offer courses through Meta Academy, which cover topics like Microsoft BASIC technologies. We also join forces with partners like SAP and Microsoft to provide qualified programs for code-level positions that require certifications. On top of that, our professionals can connect with our 1,700 Meta employees if they have any questions. Our staff have deep knowledge across many fields and can be very useful for our partners.

In fact, “Whenever someone is interested in learning something new that could also be interesting to the client as well, we sponsor them,” Corrêa says.

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Meta’s support goes beyond our proverbial four walls as well. Through partnerships with schools and universities, we teach subjects like robotics, mathematics and programming. The students who participate have the opportunity to intern with Meta, where we offer a whole roadmap for development.

In short, Corrêa adds, “They feel happy, they feel comfortable, they feel engaged and it enhances productivity. Since production depends on how the employee feels, so this is really important.”

Bringing the world’s talent to your door

Clients notice the difference, too. 

One of Corrêa’s accounts, a large North American entertainment company, had used staff augmentation before. Mostly offshored in low-cost countries that focused mainly on production. But they needed someone who could do more than complete tasks – they needed someone capable of leading an entire team. 

“We ran a very long interview process with a lot of different candidates in order to find that special resource,” he says, “and along the way, he was able to create his own space in the company. Now he was selected to lead one of their projects. He gained that trust and was recognized for his work.”

And remember that technology client from earlier? “Now they’re asking our specialist to stay there as part of the support team,” says Rossiti. 

“We had the right person at the right time, and it worked out.”

Ready to meet your perfect staff augmentation match? Get in touch and discover all that Meta has to offer!

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