How Data & AI can improve productivity

Meta IT powered by DataH successfully hosts Data & AI event at DMZ

Event at DMZ | How Data & AI can improve productivity


On June 26th, Meta IT, powered by DataH, held an impactful event titled “How Data & AI Can Improve Productivity: Real-world Examples” at DMZ in Toronto. The event was a resounding success, drawing in IT decision-makers from various sectors eager to explore the transformative potential of AI and data-driven strategies. If you missed the event, don’t worry – watch the webinar-on-demand now.

Meta IT Data & AI event at DMZ

Gustavo Couto presenting Data & AI solutions at the DMZ in Toronto.

Event Highlights

Panel Discussion: Real-world Applications of AI

Evandro Barros, Top 50 AI Executives 2022 and 2023, and Gustavo Couto, Head of Tech Solutions at Meta IT, led a comprehensive panel discussion. They showcased practical applications of AI and data in enhancing productivity across various industries. Key topics included:

  • Roadmap to AI: Understanding the journey from AI adoption to implementation, by identifying the needs for your business.
  • Process and Infrastructure to AI: Using the necessary methodology and the infrastructure for AI integration.
  • Generative AI and LLM: Exploring advanced AI techniques and their productivity benefits.
  • Real-world Cases: Detailed examples from sectors such as production, operations, and customer service.
Meta IT Data & AI event at DMZ with Evandro Barros from DataH

Evandro Barros showcasing Data & AI success stories.

The discussion delved deep into how AI models can be fine-tuned to interpret and act upon specific data points. Evandro Barros explained how AI algorithms could be trained to understand patterns and relationships within the data, emphasizing the importance of providing clear descriptions and context to the models. This fine-tuning process enables the AI to make accurate predictions and provide valuable insights.

Gustavo Couto highlighted the versatility of AI tools, noting that they can be adapted to meet the specific needs of different industries. Whether it’s enhancing customer service in the insurance sector or optimizing production in manufacturing, the adaptability and precision of AI models are key to their success. He explained how providing detailed instructions and data allows AI to deliver more accurate and useful outputs.

For a detailed look at these discussions, watch the webinar-on-demand.

Data & AI DMZ Meta IT datah event webinar on demand

Successful Data & AI Stories Shared

The panel presented several compelling case studies demonstrating significant productivity gains through AI implementation:

Data & AI in Beverage Manufacturing Client

A major beverage manufacturer with a 10,000-strong workforce and multi-billion revenue saw a remarkable improvement in production efficiency. By applying the CRISP-DM methodology, they validated hypotheses, analyzed data correlations, and achieved forecast accuracy improvements from ±65% to ±88%. The client initially relied on a rudimentary model that only considered planned versus actual production hours, which led to inconsistencies. The advanced AI model provided more reliable insights, leading to more accurate production forecasts.

Data & AI in an Insurance Company Client

An insurance giant managing 49 million interactions in 2023 streamlined its customer service operations using AI. The integration of AI models improved data retrieval, compliance, and accuracy, reducing response times by 30% and receiving an 81.8% positive analyst evaluation. The AI was fine-tuned to understand and process various types of data, enhancing the accuracy of customer service responses and standardizing insurance quotations.

Data & AI in a Pharmacy App Client

A pharmacy eCommerce platform with more than 6,000 employees automated its product catalog management with AI, enhancing the accuracy of product descriptions and classifications. This automation cut manual processing time significantly and improved recommendation accuracy by 80%, boosting recommendation-driven purchases. The AI model was trained to manage and standardize the product catalog, reducing manual entry errors and ensuring consistent product information.

Data & AI in a Financial Services Group Client

A financial services group specializing in the energy sector utilized AI for probabilistic time series forecasting of natural gas storage levels. The AI model achieved a prediction accuracy of 99.9%, providing precise forecasts and giving the client a competitive edge in the market. This advanced forecasting capability allowed the client to offer more accurate and timely insights to their customers, improving their market positioning.

Interactive Q&A Session

The Q&A session was highly engaging, with attendees posing insightful questions about the challenges and successes of AI implementation. For example, a guest asked if it was possible to implement AI in a 3 to 6-month window, in which Evandro replied that it depends on the scope and the objective of the project. Evandro and Gustavo provided detailed answers, further enriching the participants’ understanding of the discussed topics. They emphasized that the specificity and quality of the input data are crucial for the AI to deliver accurate and meaningful results.

Data & AI is the future

The “How Data & AI Can Improve Productivity” event underscored Meta IT’s leadership in leveraging AI and data analytics to drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency. The event’s success and the positive feedback from participants highlight the growing interest and necessity for AI in modern business practices. As Meta IT continues to pioneer AI adoption, they remain committed to sharing their expertise and fostering discussions on the transformative power of AI.

For those who couldn’t attend, be sure to watch the webinar-on-demand to gain valuable insights into how AI can revolutionize your business. Click here to watch now.

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