E-BOOK: Agility at Scale

What is Driving CIOs to Adopt Agile?

Explore agility for new market opportunities


In this exclusive e-book, produced by ITWC experts in collaboration with Meta, you will understand the importance of having an agile service mindset in your company and the impacts that the digital transformation can make in your business. This material was created to explore the possibilities of using leverage outsourced delivery to enable and accelerate the move to an Agile delivery model.

“The challenge for CIOs now is around how to hold onto this status. How will they keep pace with the speed of change without the ‘do-or-die’ of the pandemic to drive it? How will they motivate a staff that is showing signs of burnout and fatigue after two years of pandemic pressures? How will they do this in the face of the ‘Great Resignation’ and an acute shortage of IT talent?”



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    Get to know the possibilities of how to enable and accelerate the move to an agile delivery model using outsourced delivery resources.


    • Business focus and embracing agile;


    • What is business agility? Why does it matter?


    • Can outsourcing accelerate agile?

    Meta IT and IT World Canada

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